Saturday, April 5, 2014

455. Persona

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Ugh, another Bergman film, another wasted 83 minutes.  I am going to keep this really short since my "Bergman is always boring" defense is probably getting quite old.

An actress refuses to talk so is put in the care of a pretty crazy nurse.  Nonsensical imagery and northern European gloom ensue.

This is another dull film that makes about zero sense.  Unfortunately, I don't care enough to try to dissect it.  What's with the film crew at the end?  Oh, who gives a damn.

I do, however, encourage you to leave comments that tell me some truths this film reveals and why it is worth anyone's time.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Bergman fell in love with Ullman during the course of filming.

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  1. Seriously, this is one of my favorite films of all time. Bergman is probably my second favorite director of all time, after Hitchcock. They both try to get into the human mind. It doesn't always work, but I admire that they don't just make disposable films. I found everything about this movie from the acting, to the cinematography, to the plot to be outstanding. Oh well, we can't always agree. I enjoy reading your reviews and respect your honest opinions. I guess sometimes we just have different tastes in films.

    1. Definitely, Larry. I love your comments!

      All Bergman movies kind of run together for me so it is hard for me to keep writing the reviews (I hope I didn't offend; if someone said all Woody Allen movies blend together for them, I might freak out). I just am rarely interested in the plots and am not a fan of his style.

      What's your favorite Bergman movie from the List?

    2. Persona is my favorite. The Seventh Seal is probably Second. Also just so you know I don't love them all, Wild Strawberries did nothing for me.

  2. Oh, Amanda.. so sorry, you will start to feel persecuted today.. I'm with Larry on this one.
    (You may recall.. when I first said I would be happy to join your followers, I was already aware of your aversion to Bergman, and warned that we would disagree when he next came up..)
    You ask a very valid question.. set almost as a challenge.. why is this worthwhile.
    (Oddly, I feel that is the same question Mr. B sets us about life.. but I digress)
    Larry makes a good start by saying 'because he tries to get into the human mind'.. and that can be quite a weird place at times.
    (OK, fair point I can hear some one make ..'Transformers VII - rise of the killer robots from Zarg' probably gets into the mind of testosterone fueled minds of 14 yr old boys.. but that's not what I meant)
    I certainly do not understand every Bergman I have seen (and I reckon I've seen about 80%+ of his films). Some can be slow, but I feel he makes a good attempt every time to explore something meaningful about how we are, why we act in certain ways. As Larry says.. 'It doesn't always work...'.. but when it does.. there is something pretty sharp in there.
    I don't think I've done a very good job of defending Mr B.. but it is first thing in the morning.. I'm only half way through my mug of tea (which is now getting decidedly cold due to my attempts to do so..).. and you have three more posts to read..

    1. Et tu Brute?

      Haha just kidding. Man, you guys are making me jealous about how much you get out of these movies. Wish I felt the same way. Especially since there are so many freaking films of his on the list.