Monday, March 17, 2014

Quick Check In

Hi everyone!

I thought I would check in since I haven't posted in awhile.  I have been in London visiting my sister, having an amazing time visiting parks, pubs, and getting slowly addicted to Custard Creams.  Anyway, I am back in the United States, where it is ridiculously cold and Custard Cream-free.  To add to my angst, I am having trouble finding The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short for less than thirty dollars.  If anyone has a link I could use I would appreciate it!   Otherwise, I should be back in a week after I order it on Amazon.



  1. Good morning Amanda, welcome back to your post
    (even if I am still sulking you didn't call in to visit. I'm only at the other end of the country. Not quite like saying 'I'm in New York, and you being in LA and expecting me to visit.. but..) I mean, I'd have happily provided custard creams.
    (do you really not have custard creams in the USA? I've seen them in places like Egypt, India. You will be telling me you don't have chocolate digestives next..)
    More importantly I'd have shown you 'The man who had his hair cut short'.
    The iCM site Andrew and I recommend is often a good source of links.. But I just checked that out for you, and the one link it had is no longer working. So..
    Amanda, if you get no other info.. I can lend you a R free dvd. I will post it to you as a loan and you send it back. I only send the disc, not the plastic case. I'm not sure how much it will cost you to send it back.. it weighs less than 40gr / 1.5 oz. - you can check how much that will sting you to return. (I mention because a VHS I lent Andrew, gave us both a nasty shock at the postage cost.. but a dvd, sans case, is a lot lighter than a VHS in case.)
    Think about it at least.

  2. We do not have chocolate digestives! People always make fun of British food and candy but I love it (even though I am a vegetarian). I also tried strawberry laces for the first time and they were amazing. I really should have visited to you; I only ever stay in London.

    Thank you so much for the offer! I actually looked into it and it looks like at this point it would cost less to just buy it on Amazon (why does it cost so much money to ship?!). Damn, I really should have stopped by! I will probably be in England again next year and I will definitely shoot you an email.

    Are you/have you ever visited the United States?

  3. No Chocolate digestives?? No Custard creams?
    Food parcels must be organised immediately.

    I hesitate to ask..Bourbon creams? HobNobs?
    Do you exist with just chocolate chip cookies?

    1. None! Conditions are poor over here.

    2. It's a nation of savages, that's what it is!

      Moving to Asia I was astonished to discover that no one else but the Brits eats mince pies at Christmas. I assumed that they were common across the western world, but American friends, European friends, Australian friends, no one had ever heard of them.

    3. Wtf is a mince pie? Is that like a pie of meat?

    4. You would think so wouldn't yu? Well, its a small cup cake sized pie.. filled with a rich mix of sultanas, raisins , mixed peel etc. They are often steeped in, say, brandy or sherry. You eat them at Christmas. You also leave one out on the kitchen table, along with a glass of sherry, on Christmas eve for Santa, when he calls. Why do you think he is always portrayed as fat?

    5. And yet, that filling of dried fruit etc which Ray so deliciously describes, is actually called mincemeat. Even thought there's no actual meat involved.