Saturday, March 29, 2014

446. De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen

De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen
The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short
Directed by Andre Delvaux
Pictured: Subtlety

Oh my goodness, is it true Amanda? You are back?  I cried every night that you were gone!

Yes, it is true, dear readers: I have returned.  I was unable to find this movie anywhere, which brought operations to a screeching halt, since I go through The Book chronologically.  I finally got it on Amazon for the outrageous price of thirty five dollars, but I put off watching it because it was such a bore.  I just checked Amazon again and apparently, now it is being sold for only eleven dollars.  Excuse me, while I go kick something.

A few more announcements before we get started.  For one thing, I found the coolest video that somebody made online. It is a compilation of the 1001 movies and is guaranteed to make film buffs tear up.  Click here to watch it!  Also, I just want to mention that over my hiatus, my book blog won the Liebster Award (which was previously won by this blog actually).  If anyone wants to head over and read my answers on that site, click here.  All right, back to business.

Govert Miereveld is a married professor who is in love with a younger student.  As his obsession over Fran grows, it because more and more unclear if the events we are seeing are in his head or are actually happening.

Oh boy, a older unhappily married guy falling for a younger woman.  Where have we seen that before?  Oh, everywhere?  Right.  I can't even justify this as being the start of this trope, because Lolita was first.

Sorry for the short review, but I don't really have a whole lot to say on this one.  It is not worth the trouble of getting a hold of it.  I suppose the acting was pretty good.  The Man was just okay, but the Hair was fantastic.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Made for television but released theatrically when it received positive reviews.


  1. Thank you for posting the information about the video! Really cool and I will be watching it over and over!

  2. Thanks for the video link. Very interesting.

  3. I liked the 1001 films in 10 mins. OK, it was decidedly West orientated.. but I guess it had to be from the people making it as subtitles would have been useless in this context.
    There were some that flashed by so quickly, yet half registered leaving you going.. "I know that but what is it"..

  4. Glad everyone enjoyed the video! Yeah, I definitely had to pause it to catch the more obscure movies but still a great video!

  5. So frustrating when these hard to get movies turn out to be crap. In 80% of the cases hard to get means crap to watch, so guess it is a clue.