Monday, March 31, 2014

450. Sedmikrasky

Directed by Vera Chytilová

Note: I have no idea why is the font is freaking out but the black highlighter with white font seems to be the only way the text is readable.  I am honestly one step away from going all Office Space on this computer.

I have been busy all day procrastinating and not getting anything done so I thought I would take a break with this blog.  Now, let's take a quick guess if I am going to like this film.  It has no plot, two bratty girls, and is incredibly pretentious. 

The movie stars two characters who both happen to be named Marie.  God, I already hate it.  It is like One Hundred Years of Solitude all over again.  All right, stay on point.  The girls eat from a Tree of Knowledge and then...oh fuck it, it is all nonsense anyway.

This film was directed by a woman, which is shocking to me, since I thought that the film definitely had a male gaze.  I mean, watching two women frolic around for an hour or so does not seem like something that a woman would come up with.

Another somewhat pointless film and I hope something comes along soon to break the cycle.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Part of the Czech New Wave.


  1. Errr.. is it just me.. or can anyone else see what is written here?

    I have the Number, title, picture.. but then everything else is blanked out by white blocks.

    But.. never mind.... all is not lost. The notification Email I get has the text.. so I can read what you say.

    You don't know how glad I am that a younger (I've always thought you are quite a bit younger than me) person disliked this pair as well.
    I thought it was just me being a grumpy old git. These two really got up my nose with their sneering snotty nosed attitude to anyone who didn't come within their approved list.
    So, OK there is a trace of social commentary in there.. They observe, and quite rightly dislike what they see.. the way the world around them is.. what their society offers. But is wanton destruction the answer? "I am not invited to your party, so I'm going to wreck it.. if I cannot have everything I want (you can almost hear the unspoken bratty AND NOW, along with stamped feet), no-one will"
    How did that closing dedication go? Something like 'To everyone who thinks that the worst think in the world is stomping on a bed of lettuces' (well, words to that effect.) OK, sure, in a world where there are several million refugees living in fear and hunger from a civil war, where millions die in poverty, where thousands of women have their genitals mutilated.. sure, stomping on someone veg plot is very little... But someone grew those lettuce, they tendered, cared and watered them.. and need them either to eat or sell ... but I don't care.. I'm young, carefree, a rebel, and i want a few moments fun jumping on them and smashing something. I don't care about who I affect by doing so.. they are not me or my besty friend.. so they and their lives don't count.
    Now lets show some unpleasant creepy guys trying to hit on them.. so we can have a highly subtle montage of mutilating anything vaguely phallic shaped.. because all men are like that, obnoxious offensive with abusive intent (or just stupid geeks) aren't they?
    Right, sure.. great intelligent advances in feminist dialogue there. The world is shit, so lets make it even worse by behaving like 12 yr olds.
    (Are we sure this was made by a woman? Not one of those put up jobs by a cabal of bitter, divorced men determined to show that woman are just badly behaved silly little things?)
    Oh boy.. sorry, that took of on a bit of a rant didn't it... I should calm down and shut up.
    You may have gathered I didn't like it.

  2. Hi Ray!

    I don't know what is going on with the font but I think I fixed it so it is readable.

    I really loved reading your comment because, like I said, I couldn't really think of why this film is considered a feminist piece. I completely agree with you. It's like Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. If that's feminism, I don't want any part of it.

    I am guessing you are like fifties? Am I close? What age do you think I am?

  3. What ever you did Amanda, it worked. All clear now.

    Oh boy, you put me on the spot trying to spot your age.
    As you correctly deduced, I'm 57..No, sorry, I think I'm 58.. (born Oct 1955 for those better at instant maths than me). But I like to consider myself younger than that.
    And that, I'm afraid, puts me in a generation that was told it was rude to guess a woman's age.... but then growing up in more modern times taught me not to make sweeping gender based generalisations like that. So I guess that allows me to have a stab? Ah, but then.. whilst as most of ones life, the rudest insult you can give at this sort of thing is to say someone is older than they are...BUT, slowly, creeping in in later life, comes a feeling that if you say something too young.. you are being offensive because you think they are too young for their age - as in immature..
    Oh the mine fields of social etiquette..

    OK, but you asked, so on your head be-it.
    I will be surprised if you are much beyond late 20's.
    If you now come back and tell me you are .. I will me very embarrassed...
    (Gimmie a break.. you had a photo to go on..)

    1. Haha wow your comment made me laugh!

      I wouldn't get offended if you tried to guess my age. My weight...yeah, that might earn you a slap.

  4. .. But I notice you have not given the corrected answer......

    1. You are close! And I am young enough for my coyness to be charming. I think?

  5. I am in line with Ray on this one. These are two rebel girls, cool. They rebel by trashing everything and act like irresponsible teenagers, not cool.
    Especially the food sequence is so annoying that I seriously considered stopping the movie right there.

  6. Just re-read this thread of comments.. Good grief, I was once 57? Wow...