Wednesday, August 7, 2013

372. Lola

Directed by Jacques Demy

I have to confess that I watched this one while cleaning my chinchilla's cage and picking bedding out of my hair.  I was not really in the mood for such an artsy film, particularly when it failed to impress me.

This is the story of Lola, who hopes that her baby daddy's son will one day return to her.  Meanwhile, another man falls in love with her.  Ah, the perils of being a beautiful woman.

Jacques Demy described this movie as "a musical without music."  Maybe giving yourself a bit too much credit there.  Although the dialogue is quite rhythmic, the plot is too dull to be described in such a pleasing way.

Wow, that was a sucky review.  I am going skydiving tomorrow so I am trying to take my mind off my potential doom.  If writing crappy pieces is a good distraction, than how does Nora Roberts get any work done?  Zing!

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

A tribute to Max Ophuls.


  1. Maybe you should give this one another chance while not being distracted. I expected something dull and artsy and was positively surprised. To me at least, this is a lot more than that.

  2. The mother and the daughter represent versions of Lola past and Lola future?

    It's not a difficult watch, but I confess I found little remarkable in this film