Thursday, August 2, 2012

182. The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives
Directed by William Wyler

All right, here is one of those movies that everyone is supposed to like.  However, when you look at what the film is about (war veterans returning home) you can see this is one of those movies that is rather dull outside it's rather dull, at least for me.

Like I said, this is film is all about the plight of war veterans returning home and not being able to adjust.  It also happens to be three hours long.  This is unacceptable for any film outside of The Lord of the Rings.  The acting, however, is phenomenal; some of my favorite actors are in this movie.

I would have more to say about it but I am afraid my battery is dying and I want to get these finished.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

#37 in AFI's top 100 movies.

Myrna Loy received top billing.

All the of the cast were real World War II veterans.


  1. Except for being overly long this was an excellent movie. I found the ending a bit contrived as if they had to tie up the loose ends, but the lead up was great and the acting top notch.
    When I meet these long movies I chop them up. That makes them much easier to munch.

    1. I'm always torn because I want to watch it like the filmmakers intended me to, but I am much more inclined to give a long film a positive review if I break it up.