Wednesday, July 25, 2012

173. Murder, My Sweet

Murder, My Sweet
Farewell My Lovely
Directed by Edward Dymtryk

I had a bit of an adventure with this one, owing to the fact that I couldn't find it anywhere.  But don't fret, readers, this fearless blogger didn't let you down!  I instead went to the University of Michigan film library with my sister.  I don't even go to U of M so you can see how much I sacrifice for my followers.  

Anyway, the college film library is one of the coolest places I have ever been to.  Immediately when you walk in you can see that the walls are lined with scripts about any movie you can imagine.  While my mouth was watering looking at the glam shots that decorated the walls, my sister went up to the librarian (?) and asked if they had Murder, My Sweet or Farewell My Lovely (same film, different titles).  The man looked frankly insulted that we would even imagine that he did not possess the movie.  Then, as if he was tucking us into bed, he sat us down in a comfortable viewing room (which had shelves upon shelves of books about movies, my favorite being The RKO Gals) and put on the film.  Once my sister and I had stopped running around like overstimulated toddlers, we finally paid attention to the movie.

I have a feeling I would have enjoyed myself even if an infomercial was played on a loop.  Still, this film was entertaining on its own merits.  It is simply the picture perfect film noir movie, which includes:

  • Dames who have been around the block
  • Someone threatening someone else with a swift punch in the nose
  • Fast talking private detective
  • Based on a Raymond Chandler novel
  • Men being sexist but somehow still getting the girl
  • Flashbacks
  • A stupid thug
  • So many plot twists that I could not possibly recount them all here
  • A not so unpredictable ending
  • People getting knocked out by punches that wouldn't knock someone out in a million years
  • Insults that really make no sense at all
I could go on for hours but I would rather just let you experience the fun for yourself.  Good luck finding it, though.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

RKO was on the verge of bankruptcy when they signed Dick Powell on.  Aren't they always on the verge of bankruptcy?

Name changed so that people wouldn't think it was a sappy romance.


  1. I laughed out loud at your list of noir cliches!

  2. I think I watched this three times in a row. It is just so hilariously funny. I even got it as an audiobook but the movie is better. Love your list of noir tropes. Did you include the slap on the face?

    1. Thanks! No I didn't. Usually the guy kisses the girl after too