Tuesday, December 27, 2011

109. Make Way For Tomorrow

Make Way For Tomorrow
I have been watching some really boring movies lately.  I watched Ben-Hur yesterday, A Christmas Story this morning, and The Deer Hunter last night (the latter was actually pretty enjoyable but a bit too long).  This movie was just purely depressing.  My grandfather died a month ago and this film reminded me strongly of him.

The film centers around an elderly couple who are forced to move in with their middle aged children.  The problem is, the couple must be separated into two different families in order to be convenient for the children.  The couple is extremely obnoxious to their relatives.  However, the film does not takes side or makes you hate anyone for what happens.

So, like I said, this movie is really sad.  The acting and directing were great but at the end of the day, I wished I hadn't seen it.  Way too depressing.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

The elderly husband and wife were only 61 and 49. 

Leo McCarey, the director, won the Best Director Oscar for The Awful Truth.  He said repeatedly that he won the Oscar for the wrong film.


  1. I liked this more than you did, but it is not a movie I feel like watching again anytime soon. I think the movie does take sides. Those children are really annoying.

    1. Yeah it was too heavy handed for me.

  2. These days the phrase "Hollywood movie" is essentially considered a slur, but seeing how they were pumping out so many great films like this in the late thirties it's an interesting reminder how Hollywood used to mean more than just where the big bucks were.

    1. Yeah this is one of those "great" films that I never want to watch again. Way too depressing for me.