Wednesday, June 1, 2011

17. Foolish Wives

Foolish Wives

I really enjoyed this movie and I will probably have to watch it again to get everything out of it (well, not right away: it was over two hours long).  I felt like this movie could have been shot modern day.  Not to say that makes it a good film because Hollywood has been churning out a lot of crapola lately but you can relate to it unlike some of the other movies (here's looking at you, Haxan).  The acting is very good and the director seems very intent on moving along the story which I appreciated because I watched it late at night.

This movie about a good-for-nothing scoundrel that seduces married women for money.  The are some very exciting, climatic scenes that could have easily been overdone but that I actually watched without a single eye roll!  My only complaint is that the characters are really static so what you see at the beginning is kind of what you get at the end.  I am nitpicking of course, and this may not bother you, but I find films more interesting when you get some kind of character development or background.  Still, I really liked it.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

This movie was six hours long but it is now only two hours and ten minutes long. Good god, what a relief!  I cannot handle another Les Vampires!

Erich Von Stroheim was really egotisical and extravagant.  A huge diva.  He even ordered fake French money to be made for the movie and was consequently arrested for counterfeiting.  He got off though because he told the judge it was for picture use only.

I am really nervous that I am going to start hating the movies again...

Available on YouTube.  First part:

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