Monday, June 27, 2011

34. Oktyabr


OH MY GOD!!!!!  That movie was so boring!  I mean, we watched some pretty boring ones but yikes!  This movie is one hour and forty-two minutes long.  Now, that is not as long as some of the other boredom-generators but it is still way, way too long.

This movie is about the October Revolution in the Soviet Union (it was the ten year anniversary).  If you have taken a high school history class, you know the basics of the revolution, which is good because you will not learn anything from this film.  Much like Haxan, this movie is a reenacted documentary on the revolution.

This movie sucked.  I would not mind so much if it was boring if you learned something but the whole thing is glorified propaganda.  The best word for this film is "messy."  It is very hard to follow especially when you are not really paying attention.  Eisenstein may be a good technical director but I never really like his movies. Film is not just about camera angles, it has to have heart, something that sets it apart from, I don't know, a powerpoint on the Soviet Union.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Is anything about this movie interesting?

The next movie on the list has sound!  Oh happy days!

This is the last you are going to hear from me for awhile because not only do I not have ready access to the next movie but I am going out of town.  See you in July!

This is available on Netflix Watch Instant.  It is not on YouTube so I am not posting a video.  You are welcome.


  1. Ha ha, great review! Apparently the Russians themselves were perplexed by this movie. What the hell is going on?