Monday, May 30, 2011

16. Häxan


Well, I have discovered that silent horror films are freaking awesome and this movie is no exception.  This movie is a kind of "documentary" on witchcraft through the ages.  There are some freaky reenactments (some I have no idea what the hell happened) and some pretty weird images.  These include nuns dancing and laughing hysterically, the devil beating someone with a bat, and a monk that resembles Gargantua chasing around a maid after eating cat feces and dove hearts.  This movie is just plain weird.  Entertaining, but weird.  Best to watch when under the influence.

RATING: ***--(more stars if I understood the nun scene)

Interesting Facts:

Been on a good streak lately with the movies.  Let's keep it going!!

One of the actresses claimed that she saw the devil repeatedly at her bedside.  The director included that scene in the movie.  I think if someone said that now people would think that she was sexually abused.

The director cameoed as both the devil and Jesus Christ (not exactly similar characters).

You can watch the full movie here:


  1. Cool movie and I suppose great for Haloween.
    Officially the objective is to teach about the superstition on witchcraft, but I think the real agenda was to go nuts on horrid pictures and special effects. I think these people loved what they were doing.

  2. This was another of those films you ReALLY thank The Book for 'making' you search out and watch. I thought this was great..if a little weird in places. One is tempted to start a debate as to the differences / similarities between The Devil & JC .. but that's one of those conversations best done face to face with a bottle of wine ..

  3. I agree TSorensen. Nothing like what I have seen before! Haha Ray that sounds like a good time!