Saturday, February 1, 2020

1085. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians
Directed by Jon Chu

If romantic comedies have taught us anything, it's that Valentine's Day really matters to women, even if you are not in a relationship. In fact, if you are not in a relationship, like me, you are supposed to spend the day on the floor, eating chocolate, and bemoaning your single status as a wacky best friend, preferably gay or horned up, doles out sass. In honor of this sacred day, the entire month of February will be dedicated to romance on this blog. Oh, and feel free to sass me as much as you like.

Rachel Chu agrees to accompany her boyfriend, Nick, to his friend's wedding in Singapore. She is surprised to realize that Nick's family is, in fact, crazy rich. Wait, Nick is ridiculously good looking AND rich? Oh, Rachel, how are you going to get yourself out of this jam?

I really wanted to like this movie, because it was trying so hard to be fun. It hit all the beats from the tired and true romcom formula: wacky friend (who I did actually like), earnest airport entreaties, and a painfully upbeat soundtrack. I might have gagged during the fashion show sequence.

The leads were as flat as they come. I guess they were going for Cinderella/Prince Charming type story, in which the only requirement is that they look good in formalwear. But I had trouble suspending my disbelief that Nick would turn out so humble and normal having grown up the way he did. I would like to know how he avoided becoming Draco Malfoy but the movie doesn't have the emotional intelligence to tell that story. I know this movie is lauded for its representation, which is cool, but says nothing about the quality.

The opening scene was promising, but it was downhill from there. If you are looking for a good romantic comedy, look elsewhere (and may the Lord protect you in your quest).

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Most of Awkwafina's lines were ad libbed.

A sequel is in the works titled China Rich Girlfriend.

Highest grossing romantic comedy in a decade.


  1. Maybe, at last, a chance to get my teeth into something with conviction.....

    Maybe I missed the point of this, and it's a huge piss-take, a satire on such films and aspirations and the utter shallowness of the super rich...

    But I loathed this film for it's celebration of conspicuous consumption and grotesque belief that wealth and all the trimmings that go with it are all part of.. finding some phony substitute for love.

  2. I too wanted to like this movie. I did not. It was not a satisfying way to spend my time. I sound grumpy but this movie made me grumpy.