Saturday, September 14, 2019

1072. Oklahoma!

Directed by Fred Zinnemann

I am not the biggest fan of musicals, although I will fight anybody who says Hamilton isn't the best thing to happen to America. By "fight" I mean pen a hurtful haiku about that person. I do like old Hollywood musicals, but why is there always that one number that just goes on wayyy too long? You know which one I mean.

Curly McLain is in love with Laurey Williams. She loves him too; she even bakes him his favorite pie! But Curly had the gull to wait until the morning of the party to ask her to be his date. What nerve! So she decides to go to the dance with the psycho farmhand instead. You know, to make Curly jealous.

So this is obviously an aggressively wholesome movie. It's not just's Oklahoma! But it can be fun if you let it be. Some of the songs actually weren't too bad. "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top" is catchy, although I might just like that because I have positive When Harry Met Sally associations. "Many A New Day" has a refreshing message; most women in musicals come to the conclusion that they are nothing without their closeted male counterparts.

I think this should have replaced Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in my edition. This is much less creepy. Well, it's a little less creepy.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Set in 1907, before Oklahoma territory was admitted to the Union.

Cost $6.8 million to make.

Inspiration, for next time that certain fellow snubs you:


  1. Dancing cowboys, no thanks.
    I felt truly sorry for the psycho farmhand.

  2. I remember all the songs from watching this as a child and now I have "surrey with the fringe on top in my head." Not a bad musical, but I think I will tire of this song in my head all day!