Monday, November 14, 2016

1014. Bowling for Columbine

Bowling for Columbine
Directed by Michael Moore

The sky has fallen, so perhaps I should have saved last week's post for today.  I apologize that it has taken me so long to post.  I was at work yesterday and a coworker asked how I was doing (after telling me my bra strap was showing; I've been kind of a mess) and I said "grieving."  "Still?" he asked.

Yes, still.  I tend to take a long time (maybe even a week!) to get over such trivial things as the fate of our country.  I am simultaneously miserable and enraged about the election results.  This has resulted in some extreme outbursts, so it has been an emotionally exhausting week.  My friends have been experiencing a heightened level of harassment.  Both my parents sent me texts telling me to never doubt my own self worth, despite how our new pres-I can't even say it yet.

In any case, I know that allowing myself a mourning period is a luxury that a lot of people don't have.  I know a lot of people are scared right now.  I know I am just a stranger from the internet with a Joss Whedon obsession, but if anyone needs to talk, vent, or discuss how Buffy would have handled this situation, you can email me at

Anyway, I guess I didn't leave myself much room to discuss Bowling for Columbine, a documentary that explores gun rights and violence in the United States (see how I slipped the summary in there?  I am already saving time!).  I suppose people might argue with the "documentary" label, as Moore is extremely biased and takes more things out of context than the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Still, the horrific amount of gun violence in America needs to be addressed.  I think Moore is incredibly frustrated and if he comes across as exploitative at times, it is because Americans are so indifferent that he feels they need to be jolted awake.  Maybe standing in Chuck Heston's driveway with a picture of a murdered girl is the way to do that.  I myself am almost out of ideas.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Moore on the Trump election.  From YouTube:


  1. If the point was that you can bullshit your way to precidency then thank you, point taken. Even if he turns out to be less of a horror show than expected it is still scary that he could be elected. If only it was just an American phenomenon...
    In any case you can take any on Moore films and his issues will not be dealt with the next four years.

  2. Hi Amanda, Sorry I've not been communicating well.. the whole move and re-adjust stuff is getting to me.
    I think we agree about Michael Moore .. in that his stance is great, but his way of presenting things, can, a lot of the time, be rather self defeating and counterproductive, giving easy comebacks to his opponents fro his bias, inaccuracies and false conclusions. I'm afraid I think the 'mugging' of Chuck H was far to far OTT, bordering on cruel.
    Still, this was a very effective film, one of his best.. I saw it in our local Arts centre, to a busy audience of Graundiad reading liberals, so it went to very well. Of course, for UK watchers, American gun laws is a constant source of utter bemusement and astonishment, beaten only by the (apparent) refusal by so many Americans to see there is a problem. Honestly America, from a Brit, I assure you, we are not even slightly thinking of coming back to reclaim the colonies, so a 'well ordered Militia' is not that needed. Well, unless CA and the Eastern seaboard states secede from the Trump Union. We'd consider some sort of bonding. I'd accept Bernie as some sort of Post Brexit prime minister.
    Did you see Moore's latest effort, (now pretty gut wrenchingly redundant) 'Moore in Trumpland'?

  3. Amanda, I feel your pain. I think you are very brave to give out your email address. Good for you! We always need brave women, and we need them more than ever now. Stay Strong! There are many, many people with you! 👏

  4. I saw this a long time ago...I remember that it was very powerful but the problem is Moore is so untrustworthy. I agree with the counterproductive comment. I get why he does some of the things that he does, but he's a bit like a really bad tabloid newspaper...sometimes they have a point...and sometimes they are just making crap up to get your attention!

    1. Thanks everybody for responding. Yeah I think all of us are kind of cheering for Moore's message, but his means aren't always great. Still haven't seen Moore in Trumpland. I might find it too frightening.

  5. He he Ashley .. nice one " he's a bit like a really bad tabloid newspaper...sometimes they have a point...and sometimes they are just making crap up to get your attention!"
    Amanda, I sort of feel it's too late to watch 'Moore in Trumpland' .. the feeling of watching the build up to a serious disaster happen in slow motion could be decidedly traumatic

  6. I was horrified for Trump's election, too.
    In case, you feel like moving out of the country... just let me know. It's not much better in EU now but at least is sunnier. :D

  7. Move to Asia - if you can't find a right side to be on, then at least be on the winning side

  8. Haha thanks Alex. Actually considering doing something in Kyoto this summer...