Wednesday, August 19, 2015

575. Amarcord

Directed by Federico Fellini

I watched this while trying to get all the Fellini films over with as quickly as possible.  This was the bright spot in all the darkness.

Basically, the story is about Titta, an impish, horny adolescent.  Because the story is told through his eyes, I can sort of forgive every woman in the movie being reduced to a sexualized caricature.  Anyway, the people in his town and family are a bit...eccentric.

This film is described as a comedy and while there weren't exactly laugh out loud moments, I still had fun with it.  Fellini will never be my style, but at least I could follow the storyline in this one...somewhat.

Another short review.  I haven't had a lot to say lately...I am sure many men are rejoicing over that fact.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The title is the phonetic translation of the italian phrase "Mi ricordo" (I remember).


  1. By far the best Fellini I have seen... I really enjoyed this one.

    1. It's probably my favorite too. Although I was pretty desperate to enjoy at least one Fellini film when I watched this.