Tuesday, July 14, 2015

559. La Maman et la Putain

La Maman et la Putain
The Mother and the Whore
Directed by Jean Eustache

That was one of the most boring cinematic experiences of my life.  Not only did nothing happen, but nothing happened for nearly four hours.  I thought I had put the worst of this behind me.  I thought when I got through 2001 I had seen the worst.  Not by a long shot.

What even happened in this film?  There is a love triangle in France.  Right now all that is sticking out is the scene where the woman asked Alexandre to take out her tampon during sex.  Well, I guess the whole point was that the tampon was not sticking out, but that's besides the point.

Watching a horrible movie like this is a boring event in itself.  It is even worse, though, when you don't have anyone to complain with.  I watched this movie alone since no one in their right mind would voluntarily watch this.  Anyone want to complain with me in the comments?

An excruciating experience.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Based on the romances of the director.


  1. es, I think I will stand by you on this one... And so difficut to get to see as well... Sometimes that should stand as a reason... Perhaps I missed the point.. but I really didn't see any point to this one.

    1. If we both can't figure out the point, perhaps it is the filmmaker's fault.