Monday, August 15, 2011

42. Steamboat Bill Jr.

Steamboat Bill Jr.

I watched this one a little while ago because I missed Buster Keaton.  Yes, that is right.  I, Amanda, a self-proclaimed silent film cinema hater at the beginning of this journey, missed Buster Keaton.  Not to be overdramatic, but I feel like I learned so, so much about silent films and gained such an appreciation for them.  I also feel like Keaton is responsible for that, since his movies were the first that I liked.  Oh dear, I am getting sentimental.  On to the review!

This great film centers on Keaton who is trying to be as successful as his father.  He ends up falling in love with his father's rival's daughter.   Around seventy minutes later, after numerous daring stunts, Keaton ends up being the hero and not the screw-up (it reminded me of The Kid Brother).

And with that, we have the last Keaton film on the list.  It definitely wasn't my favorite Buster Keaton movie (I think that title goes to Sherlock Jr. for me; or maybe Our Hospitality; I can't decide!) but he still went out with a bang.  He is so much better than Chaplin and Lloyd in my book.  I will miss you, buddy!

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

While I am writing this, I am listening to really dramatic music in the background which is adding fuel to my goodbye.  Tearing up?  No, I am not...

There is one stunt in the movie where a wall falls on Buster Keaton but he stands in one specific position so it misses him.  The studio actually used a full-weight wall so if he was a little bit off he would have died.  The studio was being shut down and Keaton had just heard the news so he said he didn't care if it crushed him or not.

Keaton shortly after signed a contract with MGM but they clashed on his independent ways. He got dropped, drifted into obscurity, and developed a drinking problem.  Oh, Keaton.

There is a short wait on my Netflix list so the next review might be awhile. That is a good sign though for the next film, that a lot of people want it!

I actually saw a reference to the house-falling scene on one of my favorite shows, Psych.

Available on Netflix Instant or YouTube.  Complete movie:


  1. Well, he did show up once more in Sunset Boulevard.
    Not my favorite Keaton movie, but a Keaton is a Keaton.