Sunday, August 14, 2011

39. Docks of New York

Docks of New York

We are nearing the end of the last full year of silent films.  The last silent movie that we will watch is called City Lights and is in 1931.  It kind of makes me sad because I feel like the silent films are getting better and better.  Back to the movie at hand...

This film is about a woman who is a tall drink of water and this kind of old geeze (they of course end up together; in his dreams!). She is clinically depressed and tries to commit suicide.  He saves her and they go out, and after being charmed by his naked tattoos they sleep together.  I won't tell more of the plot because I don't want to spoil it.

This was a peculiar movie.  The acting was really good and the plot was risque for its time and at times interesting.  However, it felt a little bit less modern than the others have.  For instance, there were tons of title cards so you had to pay strict attention (not that I ever let my mind wander during long silent films!).  It just felt like we went back a couple years.  Also, I don't think someone that tried to kill herself would just go out and party afterwards; wouldn't she try again?  Besides these grievances, this isn't a bad film.  Just not an extremely interesting one.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The two female actresses in this film look exactly alike.  Why do they do this to us?

Could not find any more trivial facts.  I apologize on behalf of the internet.

Available on YouTube.  First part:


  1. Curious movie. It is super condensed, only one night and the morning after. It also does interesting things with lighting. Still, I found it hard to relate to that the characters.

    1. Wow, did I watch this?? Can't even remember it.

  2. I think ("did I watch this?? Can't even remember it") that may be an effect of doing this chronologically.. you tend to get gluts of types/genres/movements, and they can become a blur.
    I really liked this one.

    1. That's so true Ray. It makes me wonder if doing it randomly would make certain film stand out more? But then you wouldn't understand the context...