Saturday, August 6, 2011

37. The Kid Brother

The Kid Brother

Another glorious silent comedy and so another film that I enjoyed immensely.  They say that Harold Lloyd is the third genius of silent films after Chaplin and Keaton.  I liked him better than Chaplin, though.  He reminds me strongly of Keaton with his stunts and his hidden silliness.

This movie is about a little brother who is completely overshadowed by his brothers and his dad.  He meets a performer from a medicine show and they fall in love. Hilarity ensues.  The pair looks like Billy Bob Thornton and Lillian Gish by the way.  Anyway, the plot moves along nicely and there are some cool stunts, like when Lloyd climbs a tree higher and higher to keep his love in sight.

I really liked this movie.  It was funny and simple.  The movie is not forgettable and yet it is not like four hours long.  I needed a light movie after Napoleon too.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The lead actress in this film, Jobyna Ralston, later went on to film The Wings which won the Best Production Oscar.

A special elevator was constructed to film the tree scene.  This was the first time that a production unit went took such elaborate measures to film just one shot.

Harold Lloyd's favorite film that he starred in.

Available to watch on YouTube.  First part:


  1. Billy Bob Thornton as Harold Lloyd, that is a good one.
    Did you ever watch Safety Last?

    1. I haven't! Should I check it out?

    2. I bought a nine disk Lloyd box set, so I have been through all the good stuff and quite a bit of the not so good stuff. Safe last! was the best of the lot. I think the scene with Lloyd hanging from a clock is the most referenced Lloyd scene.

  2. I hadn't noticed .. is 'Safety last' not in the book? That's rather a surprise .. as TS points out, 'that' still is one of THE most referenced scenes, not just from Lloyd, but all moviedom. Yes, do give it a go.

    1. Ooo you are both in agreement. I definitely have to watch it.