Monday, March 9, 2020

1088. Vice

Directed by Adam McKay

I have been paying close attention to US politics lately, which naturally has paralyzed me with overwhelming despair. I thought it might cheer me up to see such an easy target gleefully skewered for a couple hours. Unfortunately, it wasn't an entirely satisfying experience.

The film tells the story of Dick Cheney, narrated by Kurt, a veteran whose relationship with Cheney isn't revealed until the end. Cheney is aided in his quest for power by his ruthless wife, Lynne Cheney, who is basically Lady Macbeth in an ugly wig.

I will start with the positives by giving the obligatory praise to the cast. Christian Bale nailed Cheney's mannerisms perfectly and he gained weight for the role, which in Hollywood makes you eligible for knighthood. Sam Rockwell was possibly even more impressive as Bush and I suppose Amy Adams was great as well, although I wasn't as familiar with Mrs. Cheney, so it left less of an impression.

But does that make it a great movie? I often felt like the filmmakers were dumbing it down for us, and trying to draw a few connections that just weren't there. That, in turn, made the stylistic choices seem less artistic and  more like insecure tics intent on hammering home points the audience had already grasped.

At least it is an equal opportunity offender. Republicans will be outraged by its flaying of Cheney and liberals will feel uncomfortable that their cause is being championed by people who seem to be severely missing key points.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Amy Adams stayed in character throughout the filming process.

The cast filmed a musical sequence that was ultimately cut. Praise Xenu.

Trump and his posse attended a screening of Vice but walked out halfway through. Did it really take him that long to realize it wasn't Gone With The Wind?

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  1. I love this review! And I love the #sarcasm & #wit that you always display! And you make me laugh--thanks 😂