Friday, February 22, 2019

1063. Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name
Chiamami col tuo nome
Directed by Luca Guadagnino

I haven't really loved any of the movies on this blog lately and my cold, shriveled heart was fearing that it could never happen again. Fortunately, this movie came along and brought me back to life. My euphoria is tempered slightly though, by the realization that Shape of Water won the Best Picture Award over this. Does that mean the Academy would rather see a woman and a fish mate then see two men fall in love? Come on people.

Seventeen-year-old Elio lives with his parents in a villa in northern Italy. He spends most days reading, playing the piano, and hanging out with his parents. In other words, he is a total dreamboat. His father, who is a professor, invites Oliver, an American grad student, to live with his family for the summer and help out with his paperwork. Elio and Oliver are drawn to each other and the sexual tension is off the charts.

It's so nice to see a love story between two people of the same sex that isn't about how dickish society is toward gay people. Of course, that story needs to be told, but falling in love is hard enough on its own, even before you add societal pressure. Elio and Oliver had amazing chemistry and the stunning backdrop of Italy almost made their love story seem mystical. Mr. Perlman might win Greatest Movie Dad of All Time. Can you imagine if him and Toni Collette procreated? That child would be blessed.

A phenomenal film and one I will be revisiting many times in the future.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Armie Hammer was most uncomfortable filming the dancing scenes.

Guadagnino plans on doing a sequel. I usually dislike sequels but this needs to happen.


  1. OK, delighted to see you found one you liked!

    Unfortunately I have to slightly disagree.. or rather express reservations.

    It was all a bit.. Well a few things

    - Manipulative? OK, it's a southern European art set film, so we expect rather too much beautiful people in beautiful surroundings, all sun soaked, rich, ripe... , but it all became too much.
    - And yes,it was a bit 'too much', rather too long. Again OK, it's a Mediterranean love story, so the mood was intended to be languid, slow, gently loving - get that -but I certainly ended up clock watching.
    - And to bring to the tricky one.. Sorry, but I found it just a touch .. creepy. The relationship came over as.. well, exploitative. I think I read that the age gap was supposed to be only about 10 years.. but the people involved looked a lot older.. the young guy seemed circa 14?, 15, - 16 would be stretching it .. and the older guy was, I'd think, more in the 30 ish zone than mid 20's.
    Yes, sure, we have had hundreds of male/female age discrepancy films over the years, and even a few (but not for many years) 'coming of age' where the younger person is.. shall we say, pushing the age of consent boundaries a tad. (Lolita, Summer of '42, Gigi, I guess I'm looking at you). Gay males have to face the prejudice canard that they prey on youth enough without a supposedly LGBT friendly film supporting the impression.
    Yes, sure I will grant you there was no excessive seduction, no coercion, no assault - so much so that I ALMOST bought into it as a 'summer of sexual experience with an experienced and sophisticated lover that helped me grow up' movie.. but one was obviously a grown man, the lad still pretty much a child and I felt .. uneasy.
    I felt I was being manipulated by excessive liberal pressure to be more accepting because it was a gay story ("if you don't like it you are not liking the gay aspect") , but was Oliver really gay (or even bi),or just some creep looking for some easy jollies?
    - That aside, I remained unconvinced by the chemistry... the usual cliche story development of 'I hate you', swinging to love just didn't work for me.
    - And not to mention peaches. Well, lets not be judgmental, everyone experiments, we all have ways of enjoying ourselves, but do we have to have it shown?

    So sorry, very sorry Amanda, having at last found a film you liked, I go and be contrary. Oh dear.

  2. Amanda, I really want to see this movie because of your review! I will also speak to Ray's comments after I watch it. ☺️

  3. I'm really curious as to exactly how Ray was being excessively pressured by liberals to like this movie. Did they come to your house or did they just bug you online?

  4. Hoosier .. Thanks for asking .. That is not quite what I said.. and certainly not the way I intended it to read. If you thought so, then I guess I need to apologise for bad wording. Most of the liberal pressure I mentioned came from within myself.. a bit of angst for feeling somewhat negative about the film.

  5. As a liberal who frequently forces my loved ones to endure foreign films with me, I can tell you that our methods of persuasion usually involve bribery and brute force.