Tuesday, May 19, 2015

534. The French Connection

The French Connection
Directed by William Friedkin

This is a film that I feel like no one talks about anymore.  Perhaps I am wrong about that, seeing as I do my best to not talk to a whole lot of people.  But everyone that has seen it seems to love it, so it is really a shame that it has fallen off the radar a bit.

Basically, two cops try to stop drug dealers.  Of course, all anyone can really focus on is the car chase at the end.  THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT CAR CHASE AT THE END!  Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

There are plenty of other tense bits to enjoy in this film.  It's always great to see Roy Schieder in anything; I would watch that man put together an Ikea desk.  It does suffer a bit from the "wait...who is that?" factor that affects many action films.  But guys: car chase.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Roy Schieder and Gene Hackman patrolled with real police detectives for months to prepare for their roles.  Hackman especially was disgusted with what he saw.

Gene Hackman had a hard time saying the racist dialogue.  Aw, Genie.

#93 in AFI's top 100.


  1. Good morning Amanda..
    Not only a ne posting, but a flurry of comments and replies as well.. (Thanks to Rachel)
    I'm generaly skeptical about films that rely on a car chase to be considered memorable or good. . I'm about as adverse to squeeling tyres as I am to Julie Andrews or Doris Day in a pink dress singing to children.

    That said, as car chases go, this was is not bad. As far as I remember, non of them explode,
    I more remember the other tense moments.. the car stake out and asociated dismantling of the car to find the stash.
    So looking at it as a police procedural (Spelling??), a good one.. as an action movie .. subtle enough to be acceptable. I've seen it all the way through a couple of times, and 'dipped into' it many more. I'm not sure if I'd bother to watch it again.. but, yes, I guess it's quite good.

    1. Hi Ray!

      I probably could have guessed that you wouldn't be a Doris Day fan! Her movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. She is so over the top and ridiculous; especially when she gets mad and blows the hair out of her face.