Tuesday, May 12, 2015

533. Get Carter

Get Carter
Directed by Mike Hodges

This doesn't seem to happen a lot with seventies movies, but I really feel like this film could have been released yesterday.  A young man searches for the truth behind his brother's murder?  I could have sworn I saw a Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise movie with that exact same premise.

There are, of course, things that set this movie apart. For one thing, it is not just a hot man running.  Michael Caine brings something deeper to the role.  He is actually quite frightening at times.  There are also darker twists that I am not sure would fly with modern audiences.  I felt the same with Chinatown.

Not really my style and if I am going to watch a British guy beat up criminals, I would rather it be James Bond.  Still, any Caine film is worth a watch.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

A six-fingered man can be seen sitting at the bar.

Based on the life of real life gangster Jack Carter.

Remade with the lead role being cast to Sylvester Stallone.  I am sure he succeeded in bringing the quiet dignity to the part, just like Caine.


  1. Good morning Amanda..
    Good to see you again.. but also, for the first time in ages, a film that creates a noteable emotion either way. (There have been far too many " well it was Ok - ish, I guess")
    I really rate this one. Perhaps you can tell the careful use of words there.. I'm not sure if I 'like' it or not.. but it's a great film I have watched a few times.
    I know the area it is set in quite well .. I lived over there for a while. All that industrial wasteland has been cleaned up beyond all recognition - the slag heaps landscaped, the beaches all nice and clean. no-one has any jobs of course, as the mines are all shut of course...
    A lot of Brits care very much for this film .. to the extent that .. You remember the bit where someone is thrown from a multi-story car park? That area of gateshead was recently re-developed, and the car-park due for demolition, and there was quite a campaign to have it 'listed' as culturaly important - due to it's pace in the film.
    I really like the slow, brooding, desparing Noir atmosphere and the shadow of doom that hangs over Carter. I don't like the brutishness and misogyny .. but you have to take that in Noirs as part of the brew. Decidedly one of Cain's greatest roles.
    For some reason I still don't understand, I did inflict the dreadful remake on myself once and shuddered all the way through. Absolutly dire.

    1. I agree! We have had a lot of okayish movies lately. And you watched the remake?? Do you hate yourself?

  2. I watched this movie last week, and have finally decided on my reaction. Hated it. I am not a big fan of Michael Caine, so that may have influenced my final decision, but don't like seeing women used and abused, and I guess I couldn't get past that.

  3. "any Caine film is worth a watch" - you obviously haven't seen Jaws: The Revenge

  4. Understandable Diana. Oh good point Brendan. I did start watching that one but of course had to turn it off. I must have blocked it out.