Friday, March 13, 2015

524. W.R.: Misterije organizma

W.R.: Misterije organizma
W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism
Directed by Dusan Makavejev

Boyfriend was recently complaining to me that every movie that comes out today is the same.  I don't really agree with his opinion but if any of my readers agree and are looking for something radically different, you could give this film a shot.  I don't even think you would like it, but it would make boring, conventional movies seem phenomenal.  I actually don't believe anyone could like this movie.  How it got on The List is the real Mystery.

So we start the film with some guy singing some anthem or hymn off key.  I had to watch this part three times since my internet kept freezing.   After three times, I still don't really understand what that was about or why the singer was so bad.  Next, we are treated to a scene of a bunch of random people playing with an egg yolk.  Gross. There is really no plot to this movie so let me just pick out a few random scenes.  Scientists study the orgasm by studying women while they climax.  I have no idea how they made the women climax since that part isn't shown but I am calling bullshit on the whole thing.  No woman is that loud when she has an orgasm.  If any woman screamed that loudly, her partner would flee from the scene while neighbors called the police.  There is another scene where an artist masturbates a man then makes a cast out of his penis.  There is a whole other side plot where a woman is yelling about communism and watches other people have sex.  There, wasn't that a beautiful synopsis?

I would like to give a Darwin Award to the genius that decided to make the subtitles white, when the background was also constantly white.  Maybe they were just seeing how unbearable they could make the film.  Kudos.  I give you a ten in that department.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Banned in Yugoslavia.

One of Roger Ebert's Great Movies.  Oh Roger.


  1. This was a really stupid movie and I regret that I ever watched it. From the eggs to the women to the cast of the penis to the stupid white lettering for the subtitles. I can't even...

  2. I get ... and to a limit, agree with your boyfriends point.
    Not all, by any means.. but so much is so samey and formular written.... Bland, uniteresting, unimaginative...

    But is something like this the only alternative?

    I was rather looking forward to this.. but .. Eh? What?

    And yes, yes yes.. do people who add subtitles ever read then[m once they are on? By far the worst.. and to such a great film.. was Wages of fear.. pure white subs against a predominatly white background. scream....
    Somehow i don't remember the bit with the loud orasum. but then I don't really remember much about the whole film..
    A blessing????

  3. Diana, I am surprised you have seen this! Ray, I am so sorry Wages of Fear was ruined for you. That's one of my favorites!

  4. Did anybody ever "get" this movie? I still have no idea what this was actually about. Is free sexual expression a key element of communism?
    At least I laughed at the clips with the artists painting masturbating men an women.