Sunday, November 23, 2014

512. Deep End

Deep End
Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski

I apologize that I have been a bit behind on this blog.  I recently got myself a new boyfriend (researchers are currently working on how that could be possible; the results should be in by next Tuesday) so I have been quite busy.  Rest assured, I am working to catch up.

This is the story of Mike, a high school drop out who finds work in a London bathhouse.  He is trained by a pretty girl named Susan, who uses her sexuality to um...make more money off her clients and advises Mike to do the same.  Mike rapidly becomes obsessed with Susan and let's just say, things get weird.  The Book tells us that this is a date movie you must see before you die.  I think that if a guy played this for me on a date, I might have to call the police.

Watching lust drive men completely insane is really quite an unsettling experience for me.  I am all for watching Ewan McGregor sing Roxanne when his girlfriend is about to sleep with someone else, but having to see this fifteen year old go completely insane was disturbing.  Maybe the film was worth it, though, because of the beautiful shot at the end?  A tough call.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Quite a few of the actors were dubbed.


  1. Great Review, as usual! Thanks!

  2. Good morning Amanda,
    Welcome back, good to see you
    Congratulations on a new b/f (if you don't mind me assuming that you see it as something want to be congratulated on)

    Deep end.. Not one in my book, but I have seen it, and it is a rather odd one. Not utterly weird. I mean, we are in a different world to something like Pink Flamingos, but certainly some strange moments.
    I don't think I found the sex aspect as disturbing as you did.. but neither do i remember realising that Mike was only 15. Really, sorry, do you mind if I say are you sure about that? I know he was certainly rather .. sheltered.. and certainly innocent compared to the rather overly worldly wise Susan, but I had him just a tad immature, not seriously under age. But, moving on assuming you are correct, that perhaps alters it a bit.
    The book really recommends this as a date movie? MMmmm I certainly get your point if it was sprung on someone unannounced early on with no warning as to it's content.

  3. Thanks Diana!

    And thanks Ray! And I don't mind you saying that and I rechecked it. He was fifteen. Disturbing, huh?

  4. I think a lot of the weirdness springs from this being a Polish director hardly able to speak English working with a German crew and production company in Munich filming an English movie with British actors in the leads and German actors in all secondary roles. This mix is bound to rub off on the movie.
    Would be interesting to make a list of worst date movies intended as date movies. I can think of a few that would weird me out. How about Get Out?