Thursday, June 27, 2013

360. La Joven

La Joven
The Young One
Directed by Luis Bunuel

I have really been falling behind on this blog.  I am still watching the same amount of movies but I am having trouble writing reviews lately.  I am blaming that partly on the great deal of apathy I have been feeling and partly because the movies I have been watching lately have failed to impress me.

This is the story of Traver, a black man who is accused of rape.  He escapes onto an island occupied by a beekeeper and his dead wife's granddaughter.  Both men make advances toward the girl, who is easily twenty years younger than both of them.  Gross.

So the film certainly has interesting themes.  The idea that rape seems to be accepted by the girl but rejected by the man who has been accused of it is actually rather fascinating.  Disturbing but fascinating.

This is isn't exactly a movie I would recommend but it kept my interest for its 95 minutes.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Released as Island of Shame in the UK, FYI.

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  1. This is a surprisingly good movie, easily the best from Bunuel, although that does not really say much. The big surprise is that the priest is a decent guy. They almost never are in Bunuel's films.