Sunday, October 28, 2012

216. Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy
Directed by Joseph Lewis

So it is Halloweek (aren't I clever) and I have already kicked it off by watching the Paranormal Activity series.  Right now I have Scream 4 on the background (and no, I am not writing this review right now because I am scared and all the lights are off; that would be silly).  I am also planning on watching a bunch of the horror films from the list this week but I won't blog about them until we get there chronologically.

Gun Crazy is not scary at all unfortunately.  What it is is Bonnie and Clyde with more likable characters.  The movie is about Bart, who is obsessed with guns.  As seemingly creepy as that sounds, he actually never wants to hurt anyone.  He then meets the woman of his dreams who is also a crack shot (of course, he is a little bit better than her though because she is a woman).  She drags him down to a life of crime though, as women are prone to do in noir.  We suck.

Anyway, the acting and the story is just so-so.  The film takes absolutely no risks and a crime movie, that can be a bit boring.  Still, there is no denying the influence it had over Bonnie and Clyde which is an undeniable classic.  Now I must go because we are reaching the climax.  Yay, gore!

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

All right, maybe I am freaking out a little.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I absolutely hated this movie. I don't even get it. The acting was terrible; she was obnoxious and he was unsympathetic. You're right, they took no chances with anything.

    1. I completely forgot this movie existed until I saw your comment! I guess that shows what an impact this film made on me.

  2. The car chase is quite nice. The rest...
    I never really understood the fascination with guns and these two come about as psychos.

  3. A great single, long take sequence from the back of the car (a rarity in those days of big, heavy, immovable cameras) where they drive around town, pull up at the bank, hold it up while she distracts a passing cop, then race away in the car again.

  4. This film released with two different titles; Gun Crazy and Deadly is the Female. Aren't they both absolutely terrible names?

    1. Yeah I tried both of them as Tinder bios and they didn't get much traction.