Sunday, May 6, 2012

148. Sullivan's Travels

Sullivan's Travels
Directed by Preston Sturges

This is an entertaining movie with a really stupid message.  It promotes movies that have absolutely no meaning to escape from every day troubles.  I don't blame it though; I would want to escape 1941 as well.  However, I don't think it should be ranked like it is among movies that really made a difference.

This film is about a director who decides to take to the road to understand "real" America.  He meets Veronica Lake along the way.  She is only 4'11'', did you know that?  Kate Basinger did a good job of acting like her in LA Confidential.  Great movie...

Wow. I am really digressing.  The point is, this is really an entertaining but meaningless film.  I guess I am just a snob since most 1001 movies are pretty deep.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Veronica Lake was pregnant during this movie.

#61 in AFI's top 100.

Coen brothers used the title O Brother Where Art Thou for their 2000 film.

Premiere voted the movie poster #19 in 25 Greatest Movie Posters.


  1. I really liked this movie! I don't think the message was stupid! It made sense to me...and she was so cool. I thought it was great, and I love Preston Sturges :-)

    1. I reread this and couldn't really remember why I said that. Sometimes I cringe at earlier posts. I liked it too!

    2. Yeah, I'm with the message on this one too, and it's a message I could do with remembering a bit more when I'm dismissing "shallow" or "silly" films that I tell myself I'm too good for

    3. Lol any particular movie come to mind?

    4. I sat through the first twenty minutes of Trolls a while back. Found myself cheering for the Bergens. Decided to stop as it was only going to have a happy ending I'd be disappointed with.

  2. I also found it both funny and entertaining. It also cleverly jabs at Hollywood and actually Sturges himself. What is so wrong with funny movies, it asks, and the answers is that nothing is wrong with funny movies. They have their place and a function and that is a quite profound message for a light comedy.
    Oh, and Veronica Lake was a dish even if she was a mediocre actress.