Monday, April 13, 2015

528. McCabe and Mrs. Miller

McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Directed by Robert Altman

I had such high hopes for this film and once again, Robert Altman let me down.  In turn, I feel like I let Roger Ebert down by not liking it since he called the film "perfect." Let's just down this dose of Altman Misogyny as quickly as possible, shall we?

McCabe opens a brothel, which becomes significantly more profitable once he accepts the help of Mrs. Miller.  The Harrison Shaughnessy mining company offers to buy his business but he refuses.  Apparently, none of the men in this movie can tolerate being told no, so the company sends two men to kill him.  McCabe practically wets himself, which isn't exactly what I have come to expect from a Western hero.

That is, of course, the reason everyone goes crazy over this movie: it spins the Western formula on its head.  Part of this is achieved on randomly playing Leonard Cohen music in the background.  I am being extremely hard on this film.  There were good moments; there have to be if Warren Beatty is involved.  Also, it didn't bore me to tears, which in my opinion is worthy of a standing ovation after some of the films we have had to sit through.

So a film I desperately wanted to like but ended up hating.  Maybe you will have better luck.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Leonard Cohen hated the film when he first watched it, but ultimately came around.

Stanley Kubrick raved about the opening scene.


  1. I really couln't get my head round Leonard Cohen as a sound track to a western.
    Not quite as strong a negative reaction to it as you did.. i found it ... Ok .. ish .. perhaps.
    No, I'm wrong.
    I think I was bored more than offended.

    1. I agree, it did drag on quite a bit.

  2. I watched this the other day. I was pretty excited to see it to be honest because I love Warren Beatty and Julie Christie...and I loved that film they did together...Heaven Can Altman and Leonard Cohen. It ticks the boxes for me put it that way.

    Anyway it didn't disappoint! I thought it was truly perfect...I agree with Ebert!

    The soundtrack was just about the most fitting music I've heard put to film. I'm an even bigger Leonard Cohen fan now...