Sunday, March 21, 2021

Done, Again!

"Hi everyone!

I decided to become the most fulfilled person in the world and complete both 1001 lists.  I am a major film buff so I think this will be a lot of fun!  I have made such a dent in this list however that it will be awhile until I am up to date but since no one reads my blog anyway we should be good to go!  Enjoy and leave comments!


P.S. All facts/clips will come from either Wikipedia, IMDb, or Youtube."

I was 15 years old when I started this blog, and I sound like it. And apparently, I made a point to ward against infringement claims. I mean, good god. However and but in the same sentence. This is why I don't respond to comments made on my older posts. For me, it's the equivalent of pulling out old prom photos. 

I didn't go to prom, though. I am not going to say I was watching movies and blogging instead, although that would fit nicely. But the blog was with me through high school, my early twenties, and now my mid twenties. It's hard to say goodbye to anything that's been with you for ten years. I associate certain blog posts with certain memories. I watched a horror movie with a boyfriend long-gone, or I put on a documentary post-operation, on the hope it would give me a second's relief from pain. 

But it's time to direct my creative energy elsewhere. I finished the 1001 albums blog several months ago, so the timing works out.  I don't think I'll be able to resist the impulse to pop in again if or when they decide to update the 1001 movie List. I'd like to keep up the dialogue for any readers. And it's a long way to go before I'll be writing a post like this on my book blog. 

I love movies. I hope you've had at least half the fun reading my posts as I have had, as past Amanda put it, "becoming the most fulfilled person in the world." 

With love,



  1. It has been a great journey, Amanda, even if I only joined you in later years. I hope you will read the comments to the older reviews after all, because I intend to keep writing them.
    That goes for the book blog as well. I have to say you are doing an amazing job there.

    1. Thank you! I'll always read your comments, I love getting your insights.

  2. A magnificent achievement. Especially the sheer pace at which you were knocking them out at times. There must be some kind of exclusive club on the internet for people who completed them all? Even Roger Ebert was some way short of that.

    Will you be doing an over-arching Oscars list of best film, director etc ever? Are you taking questions from your adoring public about the journey?

    BTW, I always mean to ask, what stage is everyone else at on the list? Ray appears to have seen every entry at least three times. Mr T posts chronologically, so is that a representation of how far he's got so far? I'm up to 1968 at the moment, with 651 ticked off in total. A long, long way to go, but far enough that I begin to think that it's actually possible.

    1. Thank you. My advice to go at my pace would be to get surgery and have it go horribly wrong so you're on bedrest for months. I'll always take questions! The Oscar thing would be hard but that's a great idea!

  3. See Amanda, proof positive that no-one reads your posts.
    I know I never do.

    According to iCM, there are just 24 people in the world sad enough to claim they are up to date on the latest edition.
    Allegedly, there have been 1,300 ish films that have ever been in the list. (not quite sure I believe that, I suspect it's more)
    I first completed a full list ('Psycho' cover) about 6 years ago, and since have managed to stay on top of updates.
    There is one film on the 'used to be, but no longer' list I keep looking for (The Best of Youth, La meglio gioventù, 2003) that I suspect might never have been available with English subs. Copies, in Italian, are fairly easily available, at a price, but ...

    Sorry not been posting replies for a while .. Oddly, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number that have been arriving , and I've not had the time to think of worthwhile replies

    1. I've got a copy of The Best of Youth with English subtitles. Get Amanda to give you my email address and I'll send you a link so you can watch it.

      Over six and a half hours of it? Crikey. Looks like Our Friends in the North, but in Italian.

  4. There is a list that Steve Honeywell maintains on 1001Plus that includes all the movies that ever were on the list. That is the list I use. I have also listed the complete list on my blog at TSorensen 1001 Movie Blog. My order is the same as Amanda's (we use the same edition I believe), though for each year I add the movies that have later been added to that year plus a selection of movie I think deserve some extra attention.
    So, yeah, it is quite chronological, which I think provides good context to watching them. I expect to be done in another... 12-14 years, give or take.

    1. The physical book I have at the moment is the Psycho edition. I actually follow it in a spreadsheet to which I've added graphs, but I don't know what edition this was based upon. Anything pre-1990 is all the same anyway (before the bigger revision of a few years ago) so it makes no difference for now. Most likely I will follow the spreadsheet until I have one set of 1,001 completed and then go chasing extras afterwards if I ever get that far.

      I follow chronologically because...
      - It tells a story of the evolution of cinema
      - Any other sequence (alphabetical?) would be far too complicated to handle
      - If I were to choose each next film myself rather than to have it dictated to me, however much I tried to mix it up, I would inevitably be left with certain types that I didn't want to watch at the end. A bit like having nothing but peas left on the plate at the end of dinner and nothing to eat them with to mask the taste.